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All of our PVC windows are Energy Rated and we supply A rated as standard.

a fantastic range of aluminium and pvc windows


We supply and install the perfect window for you from our extensive range:


Double Glazing

Double glazing utilises two panes of glass seperated by an air filled space which reduces heat transfer into your property.

• Save money on your energy bills by keeping the heat inside your home.

• Increased insulation means less outside sound can enter - ideal if you live near busy roads or schools.

• Reduce your carbon footprint by improving your energy efficiency.

• Low maintenence.

Sash Windows

Sash windows consist of 2 or more panes of glass set into a 'sash' which opens by sliding.

• Visually appealing.

• Suited to wet climate.

• Longevity.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are attached to the frame with hinges and open inwards or outwards from the side.

• Widest opening.

• Highly secure.

Tilt & Turn Windows

These innovative windows can be opened from the side or the top, making them highly adaptable to the weather.

• Large glass area.

• Excellent ventilation.

• Easy to clean.

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